Core Technology

We introduce high technologies to solve the problem that our client and society have and present the happiness.

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Deep Learning for Image and Video Analysis

Usin Deep Learning algorithm such as Convolutional Neural Network and LSTM model, we develop applications.

Data Analysis

We apply Machine Learning algorithm to make prediction model with your data.

Beyond the Technologies

Automization and sophistication to human’s check

We analyze an image and videos to automize and refine analyzation with sense organs like eye and ear.

We also cooperate with companies in other fields to achieve that.

We develop our product through data collection and prototype making.

If it is needed, we cooperate with companies in another field, mainly with hardware companies.

We find the solution with casual talks so that please do not hesitate to ask us any question by E-mail, videophone, face-to-face talk.

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Manufactuaring Inspection Modules with Deep Learning

Deep Inspection

Our technologies contribute to the automated inspection service you need.

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Medical Image Analysis

We collaborate with universities and hospitals to develop the assistant system for doctors using Medical Images.

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Video Analysis

We create new values using video data and motion analysis.