One-stop development and implementation for AI+RoboticsDeep Robotics

We provide a one-stop solution for everything from advanced robotics controls for flexible support of high-difficulty 360-degree appearance, movement, and operation inspections of 3D items,
through development of proprietary AI optimized for manufacturing.

DEEP ROBOTICS: expanding the AI inspection sector

Recognizes and inspects targets with autonomous operations that even support 3D objects

Use of autonomous robots for 360-degree appearance inspections of 3D objects can ensure speedy, high-accuracy results in dangerous locations like highway or skyscraper beams, or in environments like cleanrooms where human entry is challenging.

One-stop, made-to-order development suited to customer needs,
from advanced robotics controls to proprietary AI development and on-site installation

Providing one-stop solutions for everything from development to on-site installation for the things manufacturing line inspections require, including “device measuring”, “robot controls and tuning”, and “proprietary AI investigation and model creation”.
Providing the ideal robot and AI for your work site’s needs, through made-to-order development.

1 Robot arm Robot eye

Use case

For appearance inspections that require complex processes on-site for manufacturers, or for targets that could not be handled by conventional inspection systems.


  • Allows for decisions closer to those of a human, as compared with conventional technologies
  • Reduced labor through inspection automation

2 Autonomous Robot Robot eye

Use case

Inspection and surveying of highway beams, demolition sites, dangerous areas and more, as well as inspection of other settings that pose challenges preventing human entry.


Enabling inspection of settings that were challenging or impossible for humans to access, using linked, autonomous robots or drones.

3 Autonomous Robot Robot arm Robot eye

Use case

Appearance inspections in manufacturing or product classification work based on inspection results, or appearance inspections and repair work for irregular sections on skyscraper exteriors or highway beams, and more.


Capable of responses based on the results of appearance inspections, inspections and investigation in sectors where it was previously challenging (or impossible) to approach human accuracy, and centralized actions based on the results found.

Installation Process

  1. 01Examination and Analysis

    We propose robotics and AI systems suited to customer work sites and objectives.
    We consider the potential for success based on a broad understanding of work site conditions and requirements, gathered through consultations over email, video conferences, and in-person meetings. To begin the process, we welcome your inquiries.

  2. 02System Design

    After collecting data specific to the customer’s worksite, we devise an optimal robot and AI learning algorithm. We then go through prototype development before entering main development and delivering the product.
    When necessary, we collaborate with companies in various fields, with hardware foremost, to design and develop hardware than can handle special inspections.

  3. 03Result Measurement and Verification

    We perform effective measurements and verification while actually using the robots and AI system, and tune the robot and AI program to deliver their full performance.

  4. 04Beginning System Operation

    We also provide support for additional AI learning and more after installation, upon request.
    We develop and consult on ever more advanced forms of inspection.