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Deep learning is an AI technology that systematizes the recognition of images, videos, sounds, and languages in a way that could previously only be achieved using human sensory organs. Highly precise, it is discriminating in a way other computers are not and possesses a human-like flexibility. Using this technology, inspection targets are processed while learning occurs, and the more learning occurs, the more accurate the system becomes. Our 2D (image) inspection system, Deep Inspection, and 3D (object/space) point cloud data recognition system are mainly applied to manufacturing and medical fields.

Take, for example, quality checks performed in the manufacturing industry. Conventional image inspection systems cannot be said to be highly accurate, meaning that human beings have to conduct the final visual inspections throughout the day. However, we believe the human eye is better used looking up at the sky rather than straining to find small scratches. While it is a simple, natural thing, the fact remains that there are people who damage their eyes through visual inspection. AI helps to relieve that burden.

The reality is there is no existing AI capable of performing “perfectly.” However, our goal is to minimize the burden on working people as soon as possible. It is for that reason that Rist applies deep learning. Deep leaning enhances AI capabilities through multi-layered processing and uses our original algorithm to assign a numerical confidence score. Items with lower scores are held back, and the final judgment is left to a person.
We also developed a comparative inspection solution that can learn permissible differences from a single good image, and prevent over-detection. In this way, AI performs the bulk of the inspections, and humans visually inspect only those low confidence score items that are put on hold. Thus, it is with the AI + person tag that the burden on the human worker is reduced while limitlessly increasing inspection accuracy.

With our core belief in “making people happy with the power of science,”
Rist will continue creating AI to provide more freedom to people in a variety of fields.



Rist’s Office Tour

Rist’s Office Tour

Mission and Value

Mission & Value

  • Ryo Fujita

    President and Representative Director

    Majored in math and mathematical analysis at the Kyoto University Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences. Joined Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd. (KCCS) in 2010, managing M&A and partnerships with entrepreneurial companies. He became involved in data analysis for creation of machine learning models starting in 2012, then launched an imaging object recognition business in 2015. Transferred to Rist in January 2019 in conjunction with a capital partnership between KCCS and Rist.
    Accepted his current position as second-generation president of Rist in July 2019.

  • Kei Nagano

    Vice President and Representative Director

    Majored in medical image processing in grad school at Kyoto University. Joined KCCS in 2007, where he spent many years working on system integration for both domestic and international businesses, serving as project manager in a large number of such ventures. In March 2013, he was one of the founding members of KYOCERA Communication Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd. (KCSG). In July 2016 he accepted the position of Director at KCSG, and then Managing Director in April 2019. As of April 2020, he joins the management of Rist as Executive Vice President and Director.

  • Hiroki Enno


    While majoring in chemistry at Kyoto University, Enno also participated in a leading medical-engineering sector cooperative doctoral program exploring the use of ICT in medicine and nursing care. After this, he aided in the launch of an AI startup with an acquaintance, gaining experience in medical imaging such as general object recognition and cardiac MRIs, while also working in data analysis over time and system development. He then founded Rist Inc. in August 2016, as a company working to resolve societal issues using various scientific and technological means, with a focus on ICT and machine learning. He retired as representative director of Rist in July 2019, and supports the company as an advisor until June 2020.

Company Information

Company Name
Rist Inc.
Date of Establishment

Head Office
Kyoto Excel Human Building 7F
830 Hongakujimae-cho, Kawaramachi Nishi-iru, Gojo-dori, Shimogyo-ku,
Kyoto 600-8102 Japan

Tokyo Office
3-5-19 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073 Japan

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