Our core technology uses “deep learning,” one of the technologies that shapes artificial intelligence, to allow AI to learn and make decisions about audio, visual, and other information perceived by humans.
We use this technology to offer a highly accurate decision-making inspection system equipped to make quality control decisions previously only possible through careful human observation, therefore eliminating labor shortages, as well as automating and accelerating production lines.
We offer optimal solutions, formulating strategies tailored to your products and production lines.

Business Domain

We believe people and AI can complement each other’s abilities to heighten performance and provide humans with the time to focus on creativity.

Rist Business Domain
An AI image comparison inspection system to support a variety of industries

01An AI image comparison inspection system to support a variety of industriesDeep Inspection

When it comes to decision-making, existing machine and image evaluation systems fail where humans succeed. Deep Inspection was developed with that challenge in mind.
We created an extremely high performance system with high-speed uniformity, wherein the more experience is gained, the more accurate the evaluation becomes.

02An AI-based, real-time water quality monitoring system for water purificationDeep Inspection Liquid

The AI automatically performs water quality decisions previously made using the human eye. Simply install a camera and the automated system will observe suspended particles, bubbles, and waves.

Deep Analytics

03A world-class team of data analysis specialists, changing the field of manufacturingDeep Analytics

Made-to-order system development by AI specialists. We create solutions for manufacturing site issues and work hand-in-hand with customers to improve productivity.

Rist Adviser Service

04Optimizing AI Usage for Work ReformsRist Advisory Service

Our top data scientists hold a diverse range of expertises, and are able to guide you on the shortest route to finding the best AI solution for your needs.
Our role at Rist is to guide your AI team to a higher level of performance.

Rist AI Research Outsourcing Services

05Image AI technology that dramatically improves product development and R&D results
Made-to-order Image AI
Rist AI Research Outsourcing Services

AI professionals develop our made-to-order systems.
We provide solutions to manufacturing site issues and productivity improvements hand-in-hand with our customers.

Installation Process

  1. 01Examination and Analysis

    The installation method is planned according to the end goal, whether it is new construction, or implementation into the customer’s products or existing production line.
    Feasibility will be examined based on a rough consultation that could occur via email, videoconference, or face to face. Feel free to get in touch with us and start the process.

  2. 02System Design

    After collecting data specific to the customer’s worksite, we devise an optimal learning algorithm, and then go through prototype development before entering main development and delivering the product.When necessary, we collaborate with companies in various fields to design and develop hardware than can handle special inspections.

  3. 03Result Measurement and Verification

    With the constructed line in action, we measure and verify result data, fine-tuning the AI program to optimize its performance.

  4. 04Beginning System Operation

    After installation, we continue to support customers through maintenance inspections and additional AI learning.
    We also offer consultations for more advanced inspections.