Image AI technology that dramatically improves product development and R&D results
Made-to-order Image AI
Rist AI Research Outsourcing Services

AI professionals develop our made-to-order systems.
We provide solutions to manufacturing site issues and productivity improvements hand-in-hand with our customers.


These days, Image AI technology fills a critical role in a product development as the key to a new revolution for business and industry.
This will give rise to a wide range of image AI services. Rist aims to provide a much-needed, efficient service, through precise assessment of customer issues and goals, and research and development into the ideal Image AI from countless algorithms.

Rist engineers are the ones to carry it out, with their insights and expertise in a wide range of fields cultivated through Kaggle and other training.
From our founding to the present, we have always deployed AI on actual manufacturing sites. Rist track record in rising to customer expectations is what allows us to develop Image AI that elevates product value many times.

At Rist, we value the principle of making AI to order, and creating the ideal Image AI alongside customers As the trusted customer’s AI consultant, we face down whatever R&D or product development issues may arise.

Applicable Areas



  • Development of AI visual inspection devices that reproduce experienced visual inspectors using AI that learns to recognize acceptable products
  • Development of collaborative project robot “eyes” through AI algorithms for object recognition
  • Accident prevention using AI pose estimation for dangerous work


  • Development of AI image diagnostic for exterior wall cracking in building inspections
  • Tunneling dynamite quantity optimization using point cloud data simulation
Retail Logistics

Retail Logistics

  • Reducing inventory workload with an AI reader for book spines
  • Reducing effort with an AI label reader for logistics
  • Reducing effort in counting with AI quantity inspection

For AI engineers
Development results

These are some cases where we were asked to allow use of our research engineers’ skill sets in imaging AI for client products or business development.

Image Classification

  • Construction of a defective product sorting algorithm for multiple-type, small-lot manufacturing, using few-shot learning
  • Implementation of a multi-class sorting algorithm using metric learning
  • Implementation of an algorithm to exclude noise spots from AI model evaluation
  • Visualization of evaluation rationale using GradCAM
  • Development of augmentation algorithms tailored to job sites

Anomaly Detection

  • Development of a rapid anomaly detection algorithm based on SSIM AutoEncoder
  • Construction of a mechanism to prevent defective products from shipping, using a combination of deep learning and image processing technology
  • Verification of a simple, high-precision anomaly detection model using SPADE

Other Achievements

  • Successfully implemented edge device processing acceleration
    • Change number of bits during quantization
    • Reduced dimensionality
    • Construction of an AI model capable of ensuring precision after the above handling
  • Data set augmentation using 3D rendering technology
    • Generation of defective images
    • Occlusion image generation using physics engine
    • Domain cap reduction using domain adaptation

Advantages of
this service

  1. 01

    World-class, top-level engineers

    In the arena of Kaggle (the world’s largest data analysis competition), a large number of data scientists in Kaggle Master or higher positions call Rist home.

  2. 02

    An AI installation record cultivated in manufacturing

    At Rist, we have supported AI installation in the visual inspection sector of the manufacturing industry since our founding. We focus on difficult issues that existing rule-based inspection machines and packaged products cannot address, and go beyond PoCs, all the way to on-site implementation.

  3. 03

    AI consultants

    We operate as on-hand AI consultants to resolve technical issues customers may have struggled with for years on their own, and projects they couldn’t pull off by using made-to-order AI.

Service Plans

We offer plans tailored to customer requirements and issues.
We ask that you choose among four optimized plans.


  • Projects that are hard to set targets for in the initial stage
  • Projects where AI craftsmanship is a distinguishing point


This plan costs an AI license fee per device from Rist.
(License fee to be discussed on a per-case basis.)

  • Minimization of development period expenses
  • Flexible changes to operational details/targets
  • Can set the mutual goal of “selling products”


  • Projects where high precision and processing speed are distinguishing points

Precision CommitmentType

This plan’s value is determined based on the degree of achievement of set targets.

  • Allows investing in key points of a product
  • Minimize cost risks in the event targets are not met


  • Large-scale investment projects
  • Projects that rapidly generate a lot of PoCs

Team AssuranceType

This plan assures a team for your company for the mid- to long-term (6+ months).

  • Flexible support for monthly task requests (can be changed from project to project)
  • Assures access to a top-tier group of AI engineers without the struggle of hiring AI personnel amid a global shortage


  • Projects with clear tasks as of RFP

Individual EstimateType

This plan produces a man-hours estimate based on the RFP.

  • Pay only for the required work
  • Can request specific targets within a broader AI development
Precision Commitment Type
Team Assurance Type
Individual Estimate Type