Deep Inspection Liquid

AI automation of liquid inspections once performed visuallyDeep Inspection Liquid

AI monitoring of liquid inspections humans once performed visually.
Achieving real-time monitoring of suspended matter, foam, and wave conditions through cameras.

Deep inspection Liquid Features

24-hour AI monitoring system

In water treatment facilities, it is necessary to monitor the water quality by regularly checking the movement of waves, and the size of particles and bubbles floating on the surface of the water. Deep Inspection Liquid studies the situation at the water treatment site to provide an optimal monitoring system.

Constructing flexible monitoring systems according to the work environment

We offer flexible consultations concerning a variety of work environment conditions and issues.
Cameras perform 24-hour real-time monitoring on liquid processing sites after installation, allowing for cost reductions and providing a solution for unreliable operations.

Preventing human error

Because water is ever-changing, evaluations can vary from person to person. Using development results from various fields, including the manufacturing industry and the medical field, we fine-tune the AI to the customer’s worksite to provide an optimal solution to any problem.

We aim to automate liquid inspection work that was once performed visually.
Inquiries welcome.

Installation Process

  1. 01Examination and Analysis

    We propose monitoring environments and installation methods suited to customer liquid processing facilities.
    We consider the potential for success based on a broad understanding of work site conditions and requirements, gathered through consultations over email, video conferences, and in-person meetings. To begin the process, we welcome your inquiries.

  2. 02System Design

    After collecting data specific to the customer’s worksite, we devise an optimal learning algorithm, and then go through prototype development before entering main development and delivering the product.When necessary, we collaborate with companies in various fields to design and develop hardware than can handle special inspections.

  3. 03Result Measurement and Verification

    We perform effective measurements and verification while using the monitoring system constructed, and tune the AI and program to deliver their full performance.

  4. 04Beginning System Operation

    The monitoring system enters operation at the customer’s liquid processing facility. We also provide support for additional AI learning and more after installation, upon request. We develop and consult on ever more advanced forms of inspection.