Mission and value

Mission & Value

Our Mission at Rist

Freeing the Senses

The Values that Shape Rist

  Rist has been growing rapidly since our founding in 2016, and continues to grow since becoming part of the Kyocera Communication Systems group, in 2018. This is truly a wonderful time for our company.

  In the past, the small size of Rist allowed us to maintain strong interpersonal connections between customers and employees. Meetings would involve all employees, and we came up together for every project. However, as the company grew, we shifted to team-based meetings, and have inevitably lost the time available for face-to-face contact, even with new staff members. The sudden and dramatic increase in workload has also contributed to creating tension throughout the company.

  The current conditions cannot be allowed to go on. We recognize the need to stop and reconsider maintaining proper interpersonal connections with our customers and employees. Left to themselves, employees would begin to have doubts, and problems may occur among them.

  Yet, we all hold shared values, resolutions, and goals, so we can come together to closely address issues brought to our attention by customers. What kind of people are we, and what do we do? Our corporate values exist to ensure all personnel take an interest in maintaining a free-spirited and entrepreneurial atmosphere, thus, enabling us to contribute to society as a single team, acting hand in hand with our customers.


The “R” in Rist stands for “radical”, as in dramatic, fundamental, and revolutionary, while the “-ist” suffix indicates “a person who acts”. As a group, we are constantly changing and evolving, always remaining engaged with new challenges and unrestrained by any accepted truth in our innovation.


Start from the Customer’s Ideal

We are selective down to the finest details in order to meet our customers’ ideals. At times, we face a wide variety of obstacles toward achieving this goal. However, we stand by our customers wherever their journey takes them to, listening to their needs and growing with them to achieve collaborative results. This makes us a fundamental part of the customers’ routines, and allows us to form lasting relationships.

Inspire by Advanced Technology

The Rist of today exists thanks to our history of resolving issues that others found to be too challenging, or even impossible. Advanced technology makes up the foundation of Rist’s culture. Advanced technology resonates with challenging projects, while also serving to further advance that technology. We aim to stay constantly alert without growing complacent, and to elevate our skills and technology through sharing what we find within the company. We use these skills and technologies to inspire people both in and outside the company.


Be Creative

Keep in mind that even the smallest task is a creative job. Search for better and more enjoyable ways to do everything, from business development to routine duties. Considering ways to improve satisfaction and happiness for ourselves as well as the customer helps us continue moving forward. Finding brand-new ideas makes up the seeds of our innovations, and serves as the driving force behind the company.

Pursue the Challenges

In order to move forward, we need to take on new and difficult challenges. The Rist of today was built on the foundations of such challenges, ranging from great to small ones. Many times we have even failed. However, we never laugh at failures. Even failure can be an asset when it comes from selfless, virtuous challenges for the sake of the company and our fellow employees. Such challenges energize us all, and contribute to Rist’s continued growth.

Freedom and Confidence

Rist values freedom, and this is something we are proud of. To Rist, freedom means that each individual is able to proactively think, make judgements, and act, in order to achieve their mission. Our corporate culture focuses on teams of a few selected members, wherein each individual is able to perform to the best of their abilities and grow. Everyone has their own unique way of drawing out their strengths, and the freedom to improve their abilities is what gives them confidence and resourcefulness. Depending on and working together with each other’s improved abilities, also gives us greater strength.


See Things for What They Really Are

Proper judgment is vital in a variety of situations, such as during problem-solving, when addressing customer needs, or when planning new services. We strive to always see things for what they really are, in any situation. Viewing a problem from every angle allows us to catch a glimpse of how things really are. We don’t just examine the surface of an issue, we take action and grasp its essence.

Make the Right Decision

We make judgments based on the most fundamental ethics and moral principles, from daily decision-making to business judgments by management. Acting on unquestionable concepts, such as “don’t be greedy”, “be honest”, and “keep your promises” earns the trust of those around us. We always focus on “the right thing to do as a human being”, rather than on our own benefit, and fearlessly do so in any given situation.

Act Based on Data

As a business that deals with AI, Rist understands the value and power of data. All of us make business decisions based on facts and data each day, regardless of role. We encourage critical thinking and curiosity in each other, using cycles of data-based logic as a route to the ideal solution, rather than relying on assumptions and preconceptions. We work each day to improve and grow as an organization by incorporating data analysis into our decision-making process.